Francis Branch
Francis Branch

The branch left at the WM Thomas Station and passed nearby to Blackwater Falls State Park, crossing Route 32 near Davis, WV. before heading to the mines.

Looking east down the Francis Branch from the site of the WM's freight house. (12.29.2010)

WM freight house photographed in 1917. This freight house was located on the Francis Branch to Davis. The building in the background still remains today as seen in the second photo minus the freight house and rear windows on the building itself. (12.29.2009)

Looking west up the branch, next the line will pass the Blackwater Falls State Park before reaching Davis, WV. (12.29.2010)

The WM passes nearby the lake that is part of Blackwater Falls State Park.

This is the WM crossing of Route 32. First photo is looking back towards Thomas other towards the mine.

This steam locomotrive was one of two that were pulled out of the mine. The locomotive is on display along Route 32.

West to Thomas
East to Davis