Gerstell/C16.6 Gerstell/C16.6

1922 and 2012 topo maps

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Bridge No 163 in1917, this bridge is the eastern most bridge at Gerstell.

Looking west from the Black Oak area towards the Potomac River bridge entering Gerstell, WV. This is the easternmost bridge of two at Gerstell. (photo by John Flanigan/July 27, 2010)

Looking east at the same bridge pictured above. This bridge has two thru-truss spans while the westernmost bridge at Gerstell only has the one thru-truss span. The second photo is looking west into the curve leading away from the bridge and into Gerstell, WV. (photos by John Flanigan/July 27, 2010)

The pump house for the water tank once at Gerstell.

A WM westbound local passes thru Gerstell, WV. (unknown photographer)

Looking west approaching the second/westernmost bridge at Gerstell, WV. Other side of the bridge is Dawson on the WM. (photo by John Flanigan/July 27, 2010)

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