There was a 34 car side track at Hambleton.

An early view of Hambleton perhaps photographed in 1917. Hendricks can be seen in the distance as the railroad ran along the river. It also appears the railroad had a spur across the river to what appears to be a lumber operation. (thanks to Warren Hart for photo)

The water tank at Hambelton looking east in 1957.

Looking west and east from the cliff along Rt.219. The WM had a water tank here at one time and is pictured above. (1.15.2012)

Another photo down along Hwy 72 looking at the former WM roadbed and location of the western end of the 34 car side track that was once at Hambleton. (1.15.2012)

The front and rear views of the Hambleton Station in 1917. (thanks to Warren hart for photo)

The Hambleton Station photographed in 1920. Notice the Adams Express sign on the station. (thanks to Warren hart for photo)

Down in Hambleton looking west from 5th Street on January 15, 2012.

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