Harrison was the west end of two main tracks that ran west from Blaine. Here at Harrison was also a 75 car capacity sidetrack. "Wolf Den Mine" was just west of Harrison on the WM at the C47.1. At the mine was a 35 car capacity sidetrack.
A branch line to Elk Garden, WV also left the mainline here and climbed the hollows up the grade to the top at Elk Garden. I'll try to find some info on this branch.

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Front view of the original Harrison Station in 1917. Notice the passenger coaches are parked on the wye track behind the station. The wye was part of a branch line that ran to coal mines and the town of Elk Garden. (thanks to Warren Hart for photo)

Rear view of the same station also in 1917. (thanks to Warren Hart for photo)

The former Harrison Station before being rebuilt. This photo was taken about 1940. (thanks to Warren Hart for photo)

Pictured here is the rebuilt Harrison station in 1949. (thanks to Warren Hart for photo)

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