47 car capacity sidetrack.

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Switching out loaded boxcars of rolls of paper with empties at the New Page Mill. (2006)

The WM runs west from Westernport and passes Westvaco's Luke Papaer Mill. (11-10-05)

CSX train slowly making it's way east on the WM through Luke to set off cars of slurry and pick up empties from the George's Creek switcher. (11-20-10)

GCK 101 switching out cars of slurry for the clay pit at New Page.

Photos of the original Luke Station taken in 1917. Check out the looks of the paper mill in the background. (Thanks to Warren Hart for photos)

Here is a photo of the new Luke Station in 1960. After looking at the photo the new station appears to be on the same location as the old and looks as if the track in front of the station is being removed. Don Biggs photographed the same station in 1969.

Looking west at the WM main as it runs thru just a small portion of the Westvaco's Paper Mill at Luke. (11-10-05)

A CSX switcher heads across the Potomac River on the WM bridge at Luke, MD. (2006)

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