Maryland Jct. Shops/C1.8 Maryland Jct. Shops/C1.8

Two aerial photos of what was left of the shops at Maryland Jct. You can still see where the roundhouse was located in these aerial shots. I would guess these photos were taken in the 1980's, because by 1990 all the tracks in the shop area had been removed. Plus there still appears to be cars parked on the tracks.

A very very early photo of the Maryland Junction Shop area. Back when it was farmland and beginning to turn into a locomotive repair and servicing facility.

A bird's-eye view of the Maryland Jct. shops and engine house in the 1950's. Imagine living in one of those homes behind MY Tower, guess you would either love or hate it. Notice the WM 4-8-4 Potomac's in the roundhouse stored waiting to be leased to the B&O. That lease never came, so they were scrapped. Looks like to Witcomb diesels also parked next to the roundhouse. (thanks to Warren Hart for photo)

The WM Roundhouse and Coal Dock photographed in 1918. (thanks to Warren Hart for photo)

Photos of various WM buildings and structures at the former roundhouse. Final photo is the smoke stack for the boiler house being demolished. (Thanks to Jim Coshun for most of these photos)

A WM train heads passed the Maryland Jct. Shops with a string of F's and an RS3. (Mason Cooper photos)

RS3 180 appears to be doing some switching or transfer of cars between Ridgeley and Knobmount Yards. (Mason Cooper photo)

WM GP9's 27 and 44 at the engine shop. (Mason Cooper photos)

F7 241 was photographed here but other WM units are also visible. F7 53, GP40 3795, and F7B 407 are also visible. (Mason Cooper photo)

WM GP40 3795 is the second unit of a few F7's and S6 151 that have just been serviced at the sand tower at Maryland Jct Shops. The units are being moved by the engineer in F7 241. (Mason Cooper photos)

F7 241 sits on one of the stracks near the engine shop on the left. Not sure what the buildings are on the right.

Looking railroad west at the diesel shop that would replace the roundhouse.

The abandoned WM shop building at Maryland Jct. was still in good shape on April 26, 2001. This building is owned by CSX and was scheduled for demolition.

A view inside the shop building. When this photo was taken in March 2002 the building was being used by the local kids as a skate park. The Chessie System logo was found on one of the walls in a hallway.

A WM shop tour on September 13, 2014. Vandals have removed a lot of metal window and door frames and the heating units in the main shop area. The inspection pits are now filled with water and trash.

Some more shop buildings here at Maryland Jct in 1998. In 2001 one of the shops had already been torn down. The remaining building was the commisary. I got a chance to look inside this building and it is a real mess, the basement is almost completely filled with water.

The end of the track at Maryland Jct. This short stretch was left to turn the WMSR steam locomotive. (4/98)

WM road crossing at the B164.3. This track and two others, once lead to Maryland Jct. and then east to Hagerstown. Today the track is the east leg of the wye.

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