McKenzie McKenzie

1950 and 2012 topo maps

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Two photos both looking east down on the WM Thomas Sub from the B&0's Patterson Creek Cuttoff. The first 1917, the second photo was taken in 1978 while Don Biggs had stopped after driving the abandoned B&O line. The crossties on the B&O bridge are very bad and some are missing. You cannot drive this route today. The Patterson Creek Cuttoff was built for passenger and coal traffic in 1904 to bypass the then congested Cumberland area. It was reduced to single track for good in the 1960's abandoned in 1974, shortly before the WM was removed. After the bridge in Rowelsburg washed out in the flood of 1985, one of the two bridge spans over the Potomac was removed to replace the washed out bridge. (1978, Don Biggs photo)

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