Pinto/C8.4 Pinto/C8.4

1950 and 2012 topo maps

50 car side track at the Pinto Alleghany Plant(Rocket Center) located at the C8.2. At Pinto/C8.4 there was a 6 car side track.

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1917 photo of WM's easternmost bridge here at Pinto. The WM had two bridges as it crossed between MAryland into West Virginia and back into Maryland to avoid a bend in the Potomac River. This easternmost bridge is No. 79 or (7.9 miles from Cumberland)

WM train #10 led by Pacific 208 is in a curve near Pinto, Md on September 9, 1952. (Bill Price photo)

WM's waiting shed at Pinto.

Ray Wongus a WM engineer took this photo along the abandoned tracks still in place at Rocket Center. (Ray Wongus collection of the WMRHS)
Looking east from the west end of the WM tracks at Rocket Center. Second photo is also looking back east into Rocket Center from the WM bridge. The WM righ-of-way after the road is now gone, being replaced with a parking lot and building. (Ray Wongus collection of the WMRHS)&(2006)

Looking west over the 2nd bridge at Pinto. The is the westernmost bridge at Pinto and we are looking west over the bridge. (2006)

WM bridge at Pinto taken from the eastern side of the bridge. Two photos merged into one wide photgraph. (2005)

Looking east from the western side of the WM Pinto bridge. Notice the "Warning Keep Off The Bridge" sign still stands although bent backwards. The second photo is west of the bridge looking east at the WM whistle sign. This sign was for the road crossing at Pinto just after the eastern side of the bridge over the Potomac. (2005)

WM battery box along the right-of-way and the C9 milepost looking west at Pinto. (2006)

The WM right-of-way is in great shape as it curves west to run along the B&O's Mountaion Subdivision at Pinto. The rusted C9 milepost can still be seen in the first photo, while a WM Whistle sign still stands in the second photo. (1-14-05)

Eastbound coal train led by a B&O SD35 with a WM GP7 are on the B&O at Pinto, Md. in 1976. The track in the foreground is the WM Thomas Subdivision that was "out of service" and soon to be removed. (Don Biggs photo)

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