Poland/C25.3 Poland/C25.3

145 car capacity siding at Poland and a water tank during the steam days.

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The WM rounds the curve to the East End of the Poland Passing Siding. A water tank also sat here at one time. (11-10-05)

A RS "restricted speed" sign still stands alongside the siding. (11-10-05)

WM GP7 22, renumbered 5634 during Chessie was photographed parked with a train in the siding while the crew was off to the store just across the road in the shopping plaza. This locomotive was the last WM GP7 and WM locomotive to wear the red/white/black paint scheme when it was mysteriously cut up for scrap in 2005. The locomotive's owner had offers from interested parties to restore, operate, and lease the locomotive but noting was ever returned before anyone knew the locomotive had already been cut up. (Mason Cooper photo)

Neat site, a telephone booth and a telephone call box side by side. This booth was once at Cumberland and was used to control the crossing at Baltimore Street before the installation of the automatic crossing lights. The booth was placed here alond the siding at Poland. This siding used to be twice the size it is today and had a crossover in the middle. The western end of the siding was removed making the crossover now the western end of the siding. (1977, Don Biggs photo)

This is the West End of the Poland Passing Siding. As you can see in the first photo the track at one time went on straight for a little ways. Today the switch is gone and the siding looks to be rarely used. (11-10-05)

West of the siding at Poland was the Bison Coal Company tipple. The tipple was located along Rt. 135 between Poland and Westernport. Coal was received here from several mines in the area but not loaded onto hopper cars. The coal was trucked just west of where McDonald's is today and loaded onto hoppers. (1981, Don Biggs photos)

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