Rawlings/C11.6 Rawlings/C11.6

1950 and 2012 topo maps. Notice in the second(2012) topo map how an old and new topo map join at Rawlings. In the new map the WM tracks are not shown, where as in the old map, both the B&O and WM had several tracks at Rawlings.

121 car capacity siding and a 3 car side track here at Rawlings. Also a connection with the B&O Railroad was established.

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Former Rawlings Station both front and rear views taken in 1917. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for photo)

Looking east on first the B&O and second the WM in 1978 at Rawlings. At this time the WM is "out of service". Notice the connecting track between the two railroads. (1978, Don Biggs photos)

The WM righ-of-way is seen here looking east towards Cumberland on 1-14-05. The B&O is just on the other side of the power poles.

WM crosses several streams in the Rawlings area. This is one of the b ridges photographed from the B&O bridge and looking east on the abandoned WM. (John Flanigan photos/July 27, 2010)

John Flanigan also photographed a pole for a WM Call Box and a Whistle post embedded in the grown up trees at Rawlings on July 27, 2010. The right-of-way west from here is very grown up in the summer months and impassable at a few locations. The pole line in the 3rd picture is again the B&O.

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