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Located on Three Forks Run, a tributary of the North Branch of the Potomac River, Vindex was typical of small communities in Garrett County which started as a town for a lumber mill, became a coal mining town, and then disappeared. Shortly after World War I, timber cutting began in the Three Forks Run area. In 1924, the Chaffee Railroad Company was organized to build a standard gauge railroad from Vindex to the Western Maryland Railroad downstream from Kitzmiller. Unfortunately, the lumber company business in Vindex only existed for a year or so after the standard gage railroad was built; however, Johnstown Coal and Coke Co. opened up an excellent seam of coal and Vindex flourished as a coal town. Finally, in 1950, the coal company went out of business, the mine closed, and Vindex became a ghost town. Today, only a few concrete steps and house foundations attest to the fact that a town once existed there. info from Wikipedia

Click here for a news paper article from 2007 on the town of Vindex.

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Photos of remains of a tipple in west Vindex in March 1983. (Warren Hart photos)

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