C&P Westernport/C30.8

Train-Order Office at the West End of Westernport. Also a connection with the C&P Railroad, refferred to as the Carlos Secondary track.

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Looking east at the WM tracks and station at Westernport, MD.

B880 with 6240 rolls through westernport with loads. (Al Moran photo)

Pictured here is the original Westernport Station in it's original location around 1910. The station was later moved east to make way for the construction of the C&P/WM connection and bridge over Georges Creek. (Thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for photo)

WM photo of the original Westernport Station in 1917. (Thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for photos)

Here is the Westernport Freight House, also 1917. This was a standard WM design. (Thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for photo)

Westernport Signal Station in 1917 and the new Westernport Station photographed in 1970. (Thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for photos)

Looking east from the present location. The WM mainline runs off to the left while the George's Creek Sub, (former C&P Mainline) crooses the road on the right and runs up the valley towards Frostburg. The Westernport Historical Society also has a collection of WM equipment at the station so of which is seen here in the second photo.

2207 pushing an empty train over George's Creek at Westernport. (Al Moran photo)

Looking east and west from the bridge at Westernport. Notice the old WM signs and speed sign here at the bridge. (1.14.2012)

A WM hopper train is eastbound heading up "the crick" on the old C&P in Westernport. (1971, Don Biggs photo)

Don Bigg's father photographed this WM H-9 Consolidation between Luke and Westernport. The photo was taken in the late 1930's when the road was being constructed between Luke and Westernport up above the tracks. I assume the flood construction project would follow. Dirt was dumped on the tracks so that any rocks that fell during excavation of the road up above could easily be removed.

The WM hugs the hillside west of Westernport along a section of flood control walls. (11-10-05)

A WM coal train comes of the C&P at Westernport in 1968. Notice the concrete piers and abutments of where the C&P truss bridge used to cross the Potomac to Piedmont. Don Biggs saw remembers this bridge coming down in 1954. Its was a sad day, the front porch was covered with neighbors watching the spectacle. Welders came down from the paper mill and cut one side of the bridge dropping it down into the river, then they went around to the other side and cut that end. (1968, Don Biggs photo)

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