West Virginia Central Junction/C28.1 to C28.9
WVC Jct./C28.1 to C28.9

2011 topo map

East End of two tracks was at the C28.1 milepost and a connection with the B&O RR. This connection now serves today as the connection for CSX to access the remaining WM track to Bayard, WV. Here at WVC Jct. was a 86 car capacity siding known as "Westward Siding".

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Two photos of the Buxton Mine that was located on the hillside between Piedmont WV and WVC Jct, WV

Looking down on the paper mill and WVC Jct and yard of the WM and mainline of the B&O.

An old photo of the paper mill and both railroad bridges. Next a WM photo of their bridge, Bridge Number 280, or 28.0 miles from Cumberland.

This was the original WVC Station pictured about 1900 while in use by the West Virginia Central & Pittsburg Railway along with the engine house.

WM Consolidation 825 is at WVC Jct in June 1948. Check out the papermill behind the train, compared to the size of the mill today. The two tracks in the foreground are the B&O Mountain Sub. (unkown photographer)

WM's WVC Junction Yard office

WM Alco S6 No. 152 switching the yard at WVC Jct. (unknown photographer)

A CSX switching train leaves the yard at WVC Jct. and is headed to the papermill across the river at Luke, MD. CSX still maintains a small yard here. Notice an original WM train shed still stands to the left in the second photo. (2006)

WM's former coaling tower and sand bin along the mainline and yard at WVC Jct.

The pulp wood yard is still very busy these days. However it's mostly busy with trucks and not a much rail traffic as I would guess used to be in WM days. (11-10-05)

The WM mainline crosses Rt. 46 just west of WVC Jct. (11-10-05)

The WM's westward siding ends at the C28.9 just after passing beneath the B&O. Notice the siganl base still in place. (10-09-10)

Warren Hart found this WM call box here along the WM tracks ad B&O viaduct. Second photo looking east towards the switch and B&O crossing at the whistle post for Rt. 46. The call box was gone when the second photo was taken on October 9, 2010.

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