Port Covington/W6.0(miles to Walbrook Jct.) Port Covington

More photos of Port Covington in 1989

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Veiw west of WM's Port Covington during operation. Peir 9 Warehouse is at the bottom of the photo and the Hanover Street and Spring Garden bridges are at the top. Thanks to Darren Talbert for photo)

An old photo of WM's Pier 9 during operation and after abandoment. Rotted and rusting remains of the pier were photographed on March 15, 2013. (Darren Talbert photos)

WM's Port Covington colored rest house perhaps 1917-1918. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for the photo)

Looking out over some more of Pier 9 along the cruise ships at Port Covington on March 15, 2013. In the distance to the right was once WM's Coal Pier. (Darren Talbert photo)

Here's some closeup shots of Port Covington when in operation. Pictured here is the engine terminal, coal peir and grain elevator. The last image is a track map of the port. (Thanks to Darren Talbert for photos and track diagram)

A WM crane working in the yard at Port Covington. (photo by Robert E. Knieshe)

WM GP9 39 switches a cut of cars at Port Covington. WM GP9 39 survives today as is owned and operated by the George's Creek Railway. The geep will wear a fresh coat of WM red, white, and black paint as seen in the above photo near the Hanover Street overpass. (photo by Bill Hopkins)

Two views taken on March 15, 2013 under the Hanover Street overpass. First photo is looking west towards Spring Garden, other east into what was once a Port Covington yard. Now the former yard is fenced off and the "Baltimore Sun" newspaper has a new production facality on the old yard site. (Darren Talbert photos)

Looking "east" at the Port Covington Yard in May, 1978. Notice the grain silos in the distance still read "WESTERN MARYLAND RAILWAY". These silos are now gone but are shown being dynamited in the forth or fifth season of HBO's "The Wire". (photo by Jack Brown)

Looking west and east into the WM/Chessie yard at Port Covington also in May, 1978. (photos by Jack Brown)

Looking east towards the Hanover Street overpass and then west towards the power plant on March 15, 2013. These tracks were once part of the "Classification Yard" here at Port Covington. Today they serve as CSX's connection to the WM and remining business served at Port Covington. The power plant switch from coal after the WM/Chessie ceased running trains to the port. (Darren Talbert photos)

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