Winchester & Western Rail Road


1943 topo map

Looking west from the bridge at the Gore Shop in April 21, 2013. Second photo is looking east back in the 1980's. I took this photo when I was very young. Former Milwaukee Road FP7 97C has just been reworked and painted as W&W 97C.

ALCO RS11 605, (former 3605), prepares to clear the track as W&W GP10 403 arrives with a empty train from Winchester.

Freshly painted RS11 605 has since cleared for the approaching train and is idling beside a covered hopper being repaired at the Gore shop building.

Two photos at Gore just after the Milwaukee Road F's arrived. First we see number 97A parked in the former east leg of the wye at Gore. Next we see a W&W excursion train powered by 97C with 97A dead in tow.

Another view of the former wye now used to store ALCO's that are to be sold or scrapped. I believe ALCO 351 and 863 went the the Delaware Lakawana RR, 351 is used for parts. 3611 went to Winchester under ownership of miller Miling. At Winchester 3611 was repainted and used at the Hershey Pasta plant fora few years before being replaced with a small EMD switcher. Not sure in 3611 failed on the job or was simply replaced.

The two W&W S6's arein the deadline and in the process of being parted out. Next the 2 ALCO's along with W&W only RS3 no.527 would be cut up and in gondolas.

My favorite W&W locomotive is shown here, former N&W RS11 351. 351 is being parted out and later was sold to the DL RR for parts to keep their fleet of ALCO's running. Second photo is new recently acquired locos from Conrail. No.1007 was painted and renumbered to No.210, No.7572 to No.572.

W&W leased some GP38's, here we see No.2689 on a surprise visit to Gore on April 21, 2013.

The westbound sandman with empties for Gore is crossing Rt 50 heading into Gore on January 8, 2019 at 2:14pm.

W&W 403 brings a train into Gore, VA. and will next cross Rt.50 on its way to drop it train in the small yard at Gore.

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