Winchester & Western Rail Road
Wardensville Switch

Wardensville Switch

Line original line to Wardensville ran straight into the brush while the line to the sand mine is off to the left. Not long ago a short stretch of the former line was still intact as I remember a ALCO RS11 was stored here that was being robbed of its parts. The crossties are still in the ground and some of the rails off to the side and tipped over buried partially in the ballast. (August 2013)

This is the view as ifI were standing on the trck from Wardensville looking towards Gore. (August 2013)

Out on the right-of-way from the former switch to Wardensville. Here you can see the crossties were still left in the ground. The next shot is looking out from the roadbed onto the former road crossing of Sand Mine Road that the W&W once crossed on its way to Rock Enon and Wardensville. (August 2013)

Looking out towards the sand mine from the former location of the line to Wardensville, WVA. (August 2013)

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