Waynesboro/E7.4 Waynesboro/E7.4

Connection with the PRR Waynesboro Branch.

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Recent development has butchered the former Waynesboro Branch right-of-way on the east/norther side of Waynesboro heading towards Chambersburg. These photos are looking towards Chambersburg then towards Edgemont. (2014, Jared Wagaman photos)

Looking towards Chambersburg in Waynesboro behind the Frick Company. Tracks are still in the ground at the Frick Company. Notice the town homes pictured in the first 2 photos can be seen in the distance on the other side of the cut. (2014, Jared Wagaman photo)

Looking towards Chambersburg at Main Street where both the WM and PRR crossed the road. A lot of development has again changed the area. You would think that the line would have been "rail-banked". I'm sure that a short line could still have been operating the Waynesboro Branch today if the tracks or right-of-way had been intact. (2014, Jared Wagaman photo)

Cattle pens and a steam crane in Waynesboro in July 1917. (thanks to Mike yetter and Mike Yetter)

The writing on these two photos from 1918 show that they are B&CV RR(WM) warehouses in Waynesboro leased by Beck and Benedict. The B&CV name came from railroad former in 1886 to build the section connecting to the Harrisburg and Potomac Railroad. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hardt for these photos)

The Waynesboro Tool house and another building along the tracks in August 1918. The second photo/building says it is leased by Daniel Rinehart. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hardt for these photos)

The former Waynesboro Depot first pictured by tehe railraod in August 1918. The second photo is most likely the 1950's.

First photo is looking west towards Edgemont from W 3rd St. The WM was on the right and the PRR tarack paralle to WM's on the left at this location. The second photo is from the same location but looking east towards Quinsonia crossing Cleveland Avenue at the cold storage. (2014, Jared Wagaman photos)

A WM train is at Potomac street exiting Landis Machine Company in Waynesboro, PA. in the 1940's. The locomotive is heading west towards Edgemont. (thanks to Jared Wagaman for this photo)

WM 351, an older 2-8-0 at Waynesboro.

Looking east towards Quinsonia between E 6th. and E 5th Streets, We are on the former WM between Landis Machine and Landis Tool Companies. (Jared Wagaman photo)

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