West End of Jerome/B138.8

West End of Jerome/B138.8

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In the cut leading away from the 4th. crossing bridge. The West End of Jerome is roughly a mile ahead.

Looking west at the former location for the B139 milepost. could not find the milepost itself but comparing to the WM track chart this appears to be the former location. The trail curves to the left a little before going thru a cut and curving right for the Potomac River bridge. (4/21/03)

Up on the bank at the West End of Jerome. The post for the "JEROME" sign is rusting on the right. The sign itself is gone but the post is still here. Plan to install a replica sign up here soon. (4/21/03)

A small photo of the West End of Jerome, but good too as it shows the signals, telephone booth, spring switch and heater, and the sign.

This is the W.E. of Jerome. The West End was controlled by a set of signals (138.7 and 138.8). The single track west of here split into two main tracks with all eastbounds running on the right. All westbounds would come through the spring switch here. The spring switch was always set up for eastbounds. When a westbound train hit the switch, the locomotives wheels would spring the switch for the trains path. This happened at the East End as well when all eastbounds hit the switch. (4/21/03)

Here is the remains of the spring switch left over from the track removal crew. (4/21/03)

Looking east from westbound signal 138.7. (4/21/03)

Western Maryland Train #3 speeds towards the West End of Jerome just ahead. I went up looking for the photo location where Bill Price photographed the train in April 1951, this is the best I could come up with 52 years later. (Bill Price photo)

The Hagerstown to Cumberland local is westbound along the double track at Jerome. The train is nearing the west end of the 12,416ft. double track. (photo by Bill Price, May 1952)

The WM roadbed leading away east towards the Jerome train-order office. (4/21/03)

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