West End of Round Top/B120.6 West End of Round Top/B120.6

At Round Top the WM had a 6,450ft. long passing siding starting at signals 119.4 and 119.5. They WM also had a train-order office here seen below pushed over on its side(today gone). There is also an old foundation along the track that was once served by the RR in the early 1900's, this was believed to be the Round Top Sand Company.

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Former west end of the Round Top passing siding. This location was photographed in June 2002 and is near the B120.6.

Small clearing along the passing siding at Round Top.

WM right-of-way along the former Round Top passing siding is in the process of being rebuilt as colverts are replaced for construction of Phase 2 of the WM Rail Trail. It looks as if these photos could be 1987, the year the WM track west of Hancock to Tonoloway were removed by CSX. The second photo was taken by J.W. France about the same location after construction was complete.

A WMRT trail marker at some old ruins along the WMRT just west of the Round Top Cement Mill. The marker reads: "The Round Top Sand Company and the Maryland Glass Company mined sand in this area during the early 1900's. On the ridge overlooking this area lies a thick bed opf Oriskank Sandstone. This sedimentary rock formation yeild a fine, white sand that was suitable for glass manufacture. A unique structure was designed and built in 1919 to move sand that was mined on the ridge to the Western Maryland Railway, 60 feet below. This structure, including two 6" diameter pipes, was supported by a cable system. A slurry of sand and water was pumped through the pipe into a large storage tank. The sand was then transferred from the storage tank into railroad cars located on a siding track."(photo by J. W. Fance)

Here are the remaining ruins of the Maryland Glass Sand Company. (photos by J.W. France)

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