West Portal of Knobley Tunnel/B163.6

West Portal of Knobley Tunnel/B163.6

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West portal of Knobley Tunnel and the wooden road overpass, 1917.

CSX GP30 4216 leads the Ridgely Switcher out of Knobley Tunnel at 1:07pm on August 9. 1990. The summer foliage has pretty much taken over at this point. Of the 5 "Cumberland Extension" Tunnels, Knobley would survive for 20 additional years before abandoment. (photo by Brian Paulus)

Looking down onto the now abandoned WM right-of-way from the road bridge that crossed overtop the former WM main. This shot is looking east at Knobley Tunnel and west towards Maryland Jct. (2003)

In April 1998, I went on a trip to Cumberland. I rode over to Maryland Jct. to find the tracks pulled up! I walked the right-of-way east. Here I photographed a pile of crossties at the west portal of WM's Knobley Tunnel. The poor drainage at the tunnel was one of the main reasins the track was out of service before this date. Today the tracks were gone and replaced with a pool of water and mud. (April 1998)

A before and after view at the west portal. The first photo was taken in September 1995, and the second in April 1998. By Sept. 1995 the track was already out of service. It remained intact until early 1998 when it was removed.

In June 1989, the Ridgely Switcher is westbound exiting Knobley Tunnel with a load of scrap from Brock's Salvage Yard. (Brianb Paulus photo)

From in the tunnel the twisting crucked rails run west tt Maryland Jct. Water enters the tunnel walls at the west portal. This id the only tunnel on the West Sub that had concrete lining inside. The concrete is only at the west portal, the rest of the tunnel is rock with timber supports just as all the other tunnel on the West Sub. (9/96 and 4/01)

The following photos were taken on December 18, 2011, all at Kessler Tunnel. Various photos to show how things have changed with addition of a trail. Drainage ditches have been re-dug, lights hung inside the tunnel on sensors, and the tunnel liner patched. Some spots water still drips and eve flows in streams out of the wood liner wall and roof sections.

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