WM Equipment

WM Equipment

Below are photos I have taken or found on the internet of original WM equipment that was still surviving in the late 1990's. Some of this equipment wether it be locomotives or rail cars are no longer around having been sold for scrap or sold and repainted for other railroads. Any questions on something you see, email me and I'll do my best to answer your question or point you in the right direction.

WM GP40 6573 ex. 3798 photographed while working in Winchester, VA. on B&O's Shenandoah Subdivision. This GP40 has since been retired by CSX and was sold to the Indiana Southern Railroad where it is currently in service as ISRR 4041. (photo by Mason Y. Cooper)

Chessie System/WM GP40-2 6216 photographed in April 1992 at B&O's Winchester, VA. Station. The WM never really owned any GP40-2's. They came later after the Chessie System takeover as a replacement/trade-in for the WM F units. It continue to work for CSX and is painted in CSX colors.

WM SD35 7435 later repainted and renumbered to Chessie/WM 4577 when photographed on October 1995 on the scrap track at the B&O's Cumberland Locomotive Shops.

WM SD40 4618 ex.7445 photographed on the WM at Hagerstown, Md. in September 1995. It has since been rebulit to a SD40-2 and repainted into CSX colors. It continues to work for CSX today.

WM DS-5 132 on display at the Hagerstown Roundhouse Museum on July 2001. This is the original WM 132 restored to WM livery.

WM GP9 5940 formally a C&O GP9 before being transfered to the WM during the Chessie era. It was donated to the City of Cumberland by CSX in 1986 and is now leased to the Virginia Central in Staunton, VA.

The B&O Museum in Baltimore, Md. has a good collection of WM equipment. They currently have WM locomotives: RS3 195, slug 138T, BL2 81, F7A 236, covered hopper 951224, and caboose 1803.

WM/Chessie Safety Caboose 901803 photographed on June 1999 in the B&O RR Museum in Baltimore.

WM covered hoppers photographed in Winchester, VA during 1997. These cars were part of the 604950-604999 series. I believe today they are gone having been repainted, renumbered, and sold.

WM cabooses 1810, 1811, and 1882 are now on display at the C&O Station in Staunton, VA.

WM caboose 1811 now privately owned and on display at the C&O Station in Staunton, VA. Caboose 901811 was a Chessie Safety caboose. The safety slogan once read "SAFETY - IS IT FIRST IN YOUR MIND" .

At Rockwood, Pa. on CSX, WM 65' gondola 50057, built May 1967 and still in WM speed lettering, is pictured here on the last day of February 2003. (Brian Paulus Photo)

WM boxcar 36017 was also photographed at the station in Staunton, VA. I believe this is 1 of 3 such WM boxcars here at the station. The other two have been built into the station and freight house as part of a resturant.

WM 202 is a 4-6-2 Pacific currently on display in the Hagerstown City Park. It was purchased for $1.00, and when the photo was taken in October 1992 is was under retoration back to operating condition, although a dispute erupted and work was stopped.

WM passenger car 835 in regular service on the Strasburg RR. WM business car 203 is also here on display in a nearby museum. (203 photo by unkown person)

WM box truck found in a junk yard east of Hagerstown, MD. Click photo for more photos of this truck.