Woodmont Club/B126 Woodmont Club/B126

Woodmont or referred to as Woodmont Rod & Gun Club and was a passenger flag stop back in the passenger era. I believe there is still a Woodmont Ron & Gun Club today as I've seen a good number of hunters nearby.

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This is the WM waiting shed at Woodmont. This shed as is reads on the sign was for the "Woodmont Rod & Gun Club". (thanks to Jeff Hollis for photo)

The old B126 milepost just 2 tenths east of the Pearre siding. This section of the WM is referred to as "Woodmont Club" on the WM track chart. These two photos are at the same location the second being taken after completion of the WMRT on 5-19-05.

A photo of the WM right-of-way looking east along Deneed Dd. towards Pearre. Here the weeds and grass are tall and thick on the right-of-way as nothing today has traveled it in a long time. Just to the west is the east end of the Pearre passing siding.

According to the historical marker along the WMRT this foundation was the former Woodmont School which was built in 1875.

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